10. Short Debate: An M4 Fit for Future Generations 4 October 2017

  • 18:11

    Mike Hedges.
    I can be convinced that we need a relief road for the M4, but I’m currently unconvinced. We always talk here about decisions being evidence based. Do we know where people join and where they come off the M4, using number plate recognition technology? Do they need to be using the M4, or are there alternative roads? Has any thought been given to signposting Neath, Swansea and west Wales, as well as Abergavenny? People like myself keep on coming down to the M4 and turning on to the M4 when we would probably be better off going across the Heads of the Valleys road, but it says ‘Abergavenny’, and I know I don’t want to go to Abergavenny—no offence to Abergavenny. Can we model the effect of the south Wales metro on the M4 traffic movement? There’s an awful lot of thought and study that could go into this. Yes, I’m convinced if we need it, but I really do need convincing.

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