Brexit mustn’t stop us from celebrating Europe Day says Mike Hedges AM

Brexit mustn’t stop us from celebrating Europe Day says Mike Hedges AM

Local AM Mike Hedges AM is celebrating the strong bonds that have developed between Wales and the EU over the last half century and looking ahead to a positive relationship with our European partners over the next fifty years.

Mike Hedges believes it is important to remember that whilst the UK is leaving the European Union we are not leaving Europe.

Today will be the last time the European Commission Office in Wales hosts an event to celebrate Europe Day, which has taken place for the past 42 years. Despite this the Assembly Member is stressing the need for a continued close relationship and achieve a deal future generations can be proud of.

Mike supports the Welsh Labour Governments consistent message that Welsh businesses must be able to trade freely with European partners for the good of both.

Mike Hedges AM said: “Europe Day is an opportunity to recognise the positives that European cooperation have brought for the whole continent.”

“The post war generation, who did so much to build peace and cooperation between European nations, did so because they saw the benefits for us all. Even though we are leaving the EU it is more important than ever that we put in place new arrangements that secure prosperity and lasting partnerships for us all.”

“And that’s my simple message on Europe Day 2018. We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe.”

“Welsh Businesses need a Brexit deal that allows them to trade freely with our European partners and I will continue to speak up for businesses in Swansea East