Wales to become first ‘Refill Nation’ in the World

Wales to become first ‘Refill Nation’ in the World
Local Assembly Member Mike Hedges AM is supporting Welsh Government plans for Wales to be the World’s first ‘Refill Nation.’

To become the first ‘Refill Nation’, work will get underway to improve access to drinking water in public places across Wales, including in Swansea East

The Welsh Government will work with ‘Refill’ to further develop their ‘app’ and work with Welsh businesses, charities and major events to help make Wales single-use plastic bottle free, with refill points and stations across the country.

This will also include work with Dŵr Cymru to build the Welsh brand, and develop a behavioural change campaign to help people see the value of our water, and make tap water the top choice for hydration.

Refill is the UK’s leading drinking water campaign – read more about our history

City to Sea

Mike Hedges AM said:

“Free water, wherever you are, whenever you want it! Why wouldn’t we all start using refillables? Helping to save the planet and save money at the same time.”

“Like many residents in Swansea East, the BBC’s Blue Planet with its alarming footage of the impact of plastic waste in our oceans, really shocked me.”

“We can all do more to cut the excessive use of single-use plastic bottles, cups and cutlery that can end up pointlessly overflowing our landfill sites, finding their way into our oceans and harming our environment.”

“I hope that residents in Swansea East will get behind these plans, in the same way they supported Wales becoming the first nation in the UK to introduce a carrier bag charge.”

Wales is currently the best recycling nation in the UK, the second best in Europe and the third best in the World.