• Mike said…. I have been approached by many constituents who have been the Victim of scams; many of these tales are heart breaking ones of vulnerable people being taken advantage of. The impact of being a victim of a scam can be significant and long lasting. I wanted to highlight the problem through asking the First Minister a Question and I am grateful for his confirmation of his Governments commitment to tackling this insidious problem.’

    13:30 – Mike Hedges
    Will the First Minister make a statement on Scams in Wales?

    13:30 – Carwyn Jones
    Scams can have a terrible effect on victims, and we are committed to making our communities safer through our funding of community support officers and through working with the police and crime commissioners.
    13:30 – Mike Hedges
    Can I thank the First Minister for that response? I do not believe you can overestimate the problem with scams, both by phone and written. The effect on people being scammed is horrendous and can have a serious effect on their life, and actually, in some cases, it can lead to a shortening of their life. I appreciate the work done by trading standards and third sector organisations and others. There are devices to monitor and block phone calls, and there is a firm in Swansea in my constituency that actually makes them. Will the Welsh Government convene a conference of all interested parties to discuss what further can be done to reduce this problem? I don’t believe it can be solved, but at least can we try and reduce it?
    13:31 – Carwyn Jones
    The Member is quite right to point out that scams are increasingly more sophisticated, particularly those online, and we are working closely with trading standards on a variety of scams, dealing with a variety of scams, relating to counterfeit goods, and illicit and illegal tobacco. And, of course, there’s a growing focus on cyber crime, and we are committed to working with the police and police and crime commissioners on this issue. Should a conference be a productive use of that time, then we will look to do so despite our limited competence in the area.

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