Mike Hedges asks for Confirmation that Money promised by Welsh Government for Swansea Bay City Deal is still on the table.


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Mike Hedges AM The one thing I’d like to tell the Cabinet Secretary is that there’s massive cross-party support from people living in the Swansea bay city region to make Swansea bay city region a success. What I’m asking is: will the Cabinet Secretary confirm that all the money initially budgeted by the Welsh Government for the Swansea bay city deal is still available for the Swansea bay city deal?172



Mike Hedges AM  I’m very happy to confirm to the Member that the £125.4 million that we put on the table to get the deal to its conclusion is still available. I am very committed, and as I said to Angela Burns, to do everything we can to assist the deal to move into the next phase so that money that is available can be put to work to support the commitment that I know is there amongst the local population to make this deal a success.

After the debate, Mike said….. ‘I wanted to let the Cabinet Minister know of the ongoing Cross Party support for the Swansea Bay City Deal and to gain clarification from the Minister that previously available support is still there. This is an opportunity to transform the fortunes of the City Region and it is vital that everyone pulls together to maximise the opportunities before us. ‘