Mike welcomes praise of local school from Education Minister

Labour’s Swansea East AM Mike Hedges has today welcomed a speech delivered by Education Minister Leighton Andrews, where a local Swansea-based primary school was hailed as an excellent example of what modern education in Wales should look like.

In a speech given yesterday on school improvement at the National Education Conference in Cardiff, Education Minister Leighton Andrews, said:

“When I go out to visit schools I sometimes take pictures of what I see.

“This is my favourite picture from the last year. It’s Hafod Primary School in Swansea, a school in a multicultural area of socio-economic challenge, 35% free school meals. But with an inspiring Headteacher, Rachel Webb, who is now a member of my Practitioner Panel, a school with 94.4% attendance. It’s a school which has embraced the UN Convention on the rights of the child and a school where primary school pupils are studying philosophy. It has a strong sense of the history and context of its local area.

“The picture shows a lively learning environment – diversity, modernity, creativity, advanced technology, the support of staff and the enthusiasm of learners. This is education in modern Wales.”

Speaking on the Education Minister’s speech, Swansea AM Mike Hedges said:

“I’m delighted that Hafod Primary has left a positive and lasting impression with the Education Minister after his visit to the school last year.

“Under the leadership of its Headteacher, the school has gone from strength to strength. It is a school that pupils are proud to attend and a school that parents have faith in sending their children to.

“Hafod Primary is a real success story and I feel that other schools in Wales could benefit from the examples and performance the school has set.”

Rachel Webb, Headteacher at Hafod Primary School, added:

“I am delighted that the Minister appreciates our hard work and recognises the effect our vision and rights respecting ethos has on our school community.”